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Deep Clean and Restore

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your wood floors?

We now have a system for all laminate, pre-finished hardwoods, engineered woods, cork and bamboo flooring. Our system will protect and seal your new floors or restore your old worn out and faded floors! You will be amazed at the long lasting, beautiful results of our deep cleaning, restoration and maintenance system! And your floors will be much easier to not only clean but to stay clean!

Our State-of-the-Art System will:

Protect the Original Surface, Seal the Joints, Hide Minor Scratches, Stops Tracking & Footprints, Deep Cleans Laminate Flooring, Gives Your Laminate Flooring A New Look, Works wonders on hardwood flooring too, NO SANDING REQUIRED

Our product is completely biodegradable, phosphate free and low VOC. We use a solution that Deep Scrubs all old waxes and grime from your floor. We then rinse your floor multiple times to remove all possible residues. We apply two even coats of Finish Restoration. The finish coat protects your floors from the daily wear and helps make them more moisture resistant. It fills and hides minor scratches and makes footprints a thing of the past. After 3 hours, furniture can be replaced on the floor. The full curing time is complete in 12 hours.


This process cost just a fraction of the cost of a traditional refinishing with out any of the inconvenience. Contact us for a free floor consultation.

Click on the above button and get a real time quote and book your appointment. No Phone calls, no voice mail, no phone tag, no hassle, just book and be done!