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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Is it possible to get your tile and grout sparkling clean again? When your tile was installed, there's a good chance your grout wasn't sealed. And even if it was sealed, was it sealed properly?

When your tile is cleaned, you'll get all dirt, grease, oil and soils. We highly recommend sealing your grout after cleaning to protect it from everyday wear and tear. You'll get a solvent based impregnating sealer that is much better than any you can buy at Home Depot, Lowe's etc. To Clean Your Tile:

Step 1 - Visual inspection. We will join you in the inspection to be sure that there are no damaged grout areas. We also test to see if you have sealant on your grout.

Step 2 - Pre-spray the tile and grout with a special solutions made to break down grease and oils.

Step 3 - Agitate the prespray in the grout with a grout brush--if necessary

Step 4 - Rinse the pre-spray with high pressured, hot water through our Kwik Steam portable extractor.

Step 5 - After cleaning we can either seal or permanently re-color your grout. *We highly recommend that you then have your grout sealed.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Can you get my grout white again? Our system will remove ALL oils, grease, grime, and soil from your tile and grout. Even after the soils are removed, your grout may have some imperfections that cannot be taken out with cleaning especially if the grout is more than 10 years old. But don't worry, even if your grout is in bad shape, we can always dye the grout. The cost to re-color is a fraction of the cost of buying new tile.
  • How can my grout be permanently re-colored? First, we clean your grout to remove all soils. Next, we apply one of 40 different colors of seal to the grout. We use the best seal available to change grout color. It is more than a water based thin dye or a paint. Our seal is an impregnator that penetrates 1/2" into the grout and will not chip like paint and it will not fade for many years to come. The sealer protects the grout from taking in dirt and oils.
  • How do I know if I need tile and grout cleaning? If your grout is looking darker and dirtier in your high traffic areas than the areas you never walk on, you need professional cleaning. Many times, this is the result of not applying a sealant when the tile was installed.
  • What type of soils clean up well from tile and grout? If you have pets in your home, your grout gets very dirty from the oils in their fur, which cleans up very well. This usually is the biggest difference we see in cleaning. Urine stains in grout may lighten up tremendously or be completely removed. Other food grease and oils normally clean up quite well too. Rust can be occasionally removed from tile.
  • Do you guarantee the grout re-coloring process will last? Of course! The manufacturer tells us the grout recolorant will last forever. However, we know grout will eventually wear away and so will the color. We give a solid 10-YEAR WARRANTY with our grout recoloring process. If it fades, chips, or is removed, we'll fix it for you FREE. The only exceptions are due to acts of God (flooding) or physical damage to the grout.


High-quality clear penetrating sealers are sometimes the best choice. These products provide a "Scotch Guard" type protection on the surface helping to prevent permanent stains from occurring and making the next professional cleaning a little easier.

Our ColorSeal is a proprietary product that uniformly colors existing grout to its original color and provides a water-proof seal. A truly unique application that restores a surface to BETTER than new condition.

ColorSeal Benefits

Built in Mildicides that will not allow growth of bacteria, germs, mold or mildew for years.

The cured ColorSeal will leave an extremely hard and very cleanable surface - easy to maintain

Makes grout non-porous/stain proof

Existing grout color can be matched/changed

Leaves grout looking natural - not painted

Best Protection on newly installed floors

Restores aged floors to new condition

Enviromentally safe products

Aggressive chemicals no longer needed to clean grout

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