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Avoid Bait & Switch Carpet Cleaning Scams


Hard working families; men, women and seniors who are on tight budgets tend to be attracted to advertising prominently featuring extraordinary low prices. This honest desire for a bargain can set them up for a "horror show" in their own home!

How Consumers Are Abused

Everyday through the United States, unethical carpet cleaners prey on unsuspecting homeowners. They advertise cheap prices-with no intention whatsoever of actually delivering on this offer. Instead, they use it just to get in the door, where they will use all sorts of high pressure sales tactics to increase the bill. The methods they use are these:

  1. Explains that the phone quoted price was only meant for a particular type of carpet or fiber that the consumer doesn't have, or so they say. Or that the original price only includes basic water cleaning with a small, portable machine and that due to the condition of the carpet, they will now need a more expensive cleaning. (Keep in mind that these "technicians" are actually commission based "salesmen" without the proper training or certifications to actually understand the cleaning process they are selling).
  2. They may do an unauthorized demonstration of an add-on service (such as pre-conditioning) in the middle of the room leaving a cleaner spot than the surrounding areas, forcing the consumer to purchase the "up-sell" price for the entire room.

Why I have Declared War On These Thieves

These "bad apples" make the entire carpet cleaning industry look bad and leave consumers not knowing where to turn for honest, ethical service providers. This concerns me greatly. Because of this, I have joined a nationwide group of carpet cleaners in an effort to put a stop to "Bait & Switch" advertising.

Consumer Education Is The Solution To Consumer Abuse

Knowing just which questions to ask is essential in avoiding the scam artists. I have dedicated my business to educating consumers in the available carpet cleaning methods as well as which questions to ask a carpet cleaner before you invite them into your home. For example:

  1. What method of cleaning do you use? (There are 4 types).
  2. Does the price quoted include: pre-vacuuming, pre-conditioning, spot treatment, furniture moving, etc…?
  3. Do you have any formal training or certifications, or industry affiliations.
  4. Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?

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