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Low Moisture Extraction (VLM) Carpet Cleaning

Very Low Moisture (or VLM) Carpet Cleaning is a State of the Art Technology where the minimum amount of water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are applied to your carpets. Then the carpet is agitated and scrubbed by an Oscillating Pad Machine, using a Cotton Terry Cloth Pad.

The orbital, oscillating movement of the machine causes it to reach straight down into the carpet, allowing all sides of the fibers to be cleaned from the top down to the backing. This very thorough cleaning of each fiber is achieved using a minimum amount of moisture and insures both rapid drying and a complete cleaning of each fiber.

No dirt, left-over shampoo, or mess is left in your carpet. Only a minimal amount of moisture and soft, clean fibers. Without the sticky residue of left-over shampoos and cleaning agents, your carpet will not re-soil as quickly, and keep the shine and luster of that just cleaned look.

Your carpets are dry within the re-occurring stains !

Our system is the Only Carpet Cleaning method in the world that Deep Cleans, Orbitally Massages, Rejuvenates and Imparts Soil Resistance to your Carpet…All In One Process!

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