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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Method Do You Use To Clean Carpet?

Low Moisture and Steam Cleaning

2. How Long Until My Carpet Is Dry?

Low Moisture cleaning will dry in 1 hour or less.

Steam cleaning takes 2-4 hours to dry.

3. If I clean my carpet, will it get dirty again faster?

No. All cleaning systems leave a residue after cleaning. If the residue remaining after cleaning is sticky and waxy it will attract soil to the carpet and cause rapid re-soiling. We use an anti resoil detergent, which is specially formulated to leave a crisp, brittle residue after cleaning. Any residue remaining after cleaning will be removed during subsequent vacuuming. In fact, this residue can help removal of dry soil during regular vacuuming.

4. How long does it take to clean my carpet?

A "typical" home with a Living Room, two bed rooms, a hall and carpeted stairs can be cleaned in about 2 hours. Heavily soiled carpet will take longer.

5. I have furniture in the rooms I want cleaned, do you move it?

We move furniture in our Standard and Premium Service Plans. Otherwise, we will clean everywhere we can reach with our cleaning machine and all open spaces.

7. How soon are you available to clean my carpet?

There are many cases where we can clean your carpet the same day, but next day service is available about 96% of the time.

8. I have pet stains, can you remove them from my carpet? And for how much?

We use a urine pre-treatment for dog and cat urine. It is more successful on newer urine stains, since older stains have already discolored the carpet fiber. We do not charge you for pet urine stain removal unless the stains are excessive.

9. Are there any additional fees or charges for your service?

Our written quote is your guaranteed price. We will provide you a FREE Carpet Audit. After analyzing your carpets, We'll tell you what we found regarding the condition of your carpet and will include an exact written quote on what it will cost to clean.

A phone estimate is an estimate. We will pre inspect your carpets when we arrive giving you an exact price before we start cleaning. When estimating we quote on the cost of cleaning light to medium soiled carpets averaging 200 square feet per room.

9. Is there a minimum charge?

Yes. There is a $150.00 minimum.

10. Will you give me the cheapest bid in town?

Probably not. If you want your carpet to look good and give you years of dependable service, then you need to take extra good care of it. This means you need to have it cleaned by a skilled, qualified technician. If you are looking for a cheap, rinse-the-dirt-off-the-top cleaning, then I respectfully ask you to call another company. If you want to protect your health, protect your investment in carpeting, protect your family then you're invited to call us.

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